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Rubber moulded parts

injection molding, transfer molding, compressed molding
Rubber Seal, Bellow, washer, sanitary gasket, lighting gasket, bumper, buffer, anti-vibration damper, rubber grommet, rubber-metal bonded, O-ring, lathe cut washer etc.

D&A RUBBER can supply you with molded products from all elastomers (EPDM, silicone, viton, neoprene, NBR, SBR, fluorosilicone, NR) and can also supply molded sponge rubber products and rubber-to-metal products.


D&A RUBBER also has the following capabilities with rubber:
• Co-extrusion, solid extrusion & Sponge extrusion
• Custom Compounding (durometer, colors, chemical resistant)
• Dual Durometer
• Splicing, Vulcanizing, Corner Molding
• Cutting of rubber products to specified lengths.
• Cut out of various shapes from rubber pieces according to the drawing.
• Punching of various shapes.