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  • Name: Molded Silicone Parts

Quality Compression/Injection Molding Silicone
D&A Rubber is a manufacturer specializing in the molding of high quality silicone parts. We are capable of producing rapid silicone prototypes and short run silicone molding. We are also capable of high volume production through our liquid injection molding process and compression molded silicone.

From tiny diaphragms to large injection moulded parts, D&A ’s comprehensive press shop facilities provide the capacity to manufacture in any volume to meet your needs.


D&A is experienced in the most advanced working techniques and the best technologies for moulding liquid and solid silicone. Our silicone rubber moulding engineers work with you to develop new ideas or existing products to a stage where they can be manufactured at the right cost and quality standards. The quality control process begins before designs are sealed and continues through the sampling and approval process. The most suitable method of silicone rubber moulding will depend on the volumes required, the complexity of the part, and the finish required. The techniques adopted for its workings and the machinery available at the company site result in products of superb quality with the highest efficiency levels.


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