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Silicone Products

Category Description :


D&A RUBBER manufactures and supply Silicone Seals with both solid and sponge in a vast array of colors.


High Temperature Silicone Seals and Silicone Gaskets, 

Architectural Building Gaskets,
sealing profiles for industrial applications (facilities, machines, appliances, HVAC system)
sealing profiles for buildings (windows, doors, gates, facades, daylight systems)
sealing profiles for automobile industry

With its extensive temperature resistance -50ºc to +250ºc, in special formulation up to -90 ºc to +300 ºc. Silicone Rubber mouldings and extrusions provide many of the solutions for today’s industrial and domestic applications. From the silicone seals on an oven door to a gas regulator valve on a furnace, D&A RUBBER can provide a reliable and cost effective solution. In addition to its vast thermal stability, the other major benefit of silicone is its purity and the fact it has very low leachables. This makes it an ideal choice for food and drink related applications, where silicone comes into direct contact with both solids and fluids.

Typical Applications include
• Domestic Ovens & Catering Equipment
• Food & Beverage Equipment Manufacturers
• Lighting Equipment
• Industrial & Domestic Boilers
• Taps & Valves
• Sanitary applications etc



Our silicone gasket range also includes:

● Insertion silicone gaskets
● Platinum cured silicone rubber gaskets
● Metal detectable silicone gaskets
● Silicone rubber gaskets with 40° hardness
● Flame retardant silicone gasket grades




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