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Splicing Vulcanized

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Spliced rings are a viable solution when standard rings cannot be used. They are made from extruded extruding profile and then vulcanized to form the ring size required.


At D&A RUBBER, we have developed our own unique vulcanize joining system, which enables us to join complex as well as simple extrusions into rings and mitered corners using the same material for the joint as the extrusion. This gives a uniform component and an almost invisible join.


Spliced O-Rings & Gaskets
Corner Joint Gaskets
Custom Extruded Spliced Gaskets
Frame Gasket Corner Molding
Endless Gaskets

Smooth Finish & Joints


Gaskets, O-rings, Seals can be made from Solid or Hollow rubber extrusion profiles.
No tooling required for standard Cords and profiles.
Low cost tooling for non standard cords and profiles (if needed)
O-rings can be made in virtually any diameter(unlimited size).
Hollow cross section O-rings requires less closure force.
Hollow O-rings, gaskets, seals can be used in non standard groove or grooves with irregularity.

Spliced gasket available is either foam/sponge or dense.